Monday, 9 November 2015

My gonggong

My gonggong has a very big dream
His briefcase is never away from him
He reads he writes he works in his dream
Not to forget his chocolate ice cream

My gonggong is a wise old man
He taught me to be who I am
He told me to be kind and fair
He showed me how to be a man

My gonggong likes to hold my hand
He is happy I wear shirt and pants
He warns me about bad guys out there
Beauty is not what you wear

My gonggong is the man of man
He takes care of us in his way
I do not have to be afraid
Because he is always there

Gonggong I really want you to stay
No maggi fried rice kueh tiow I say
Promise you will take good care
Remember what we used to say
Xinxin is always Gongong's friend

Thursday, 11 June 2015

can't be bothered anymore

they once said you can if u decided to do so, and am quite proud to say i made it, of course with ur help of ignoring me. am really tired of all these. well, won't go bk there anymore, definitely, after all these yrs. yet u still expect me to carry on imprisoning myself, forever? u r just plain selfish, u've found ur happiness, so y?